MissRola Multi-Colored Hair Extensions

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Transform your hairstyle with some rainbow locks

Let’s add a more gorgeous look to your hairstyle with the power of the rainbow or any other style you like! Our set of hair extensions that bring a new meaning to the genuine look! You can be different every next day. You hair colors may be fully aligned with your mood.

They may be synthetic but to the eye and touch, they are just as real as hair. The vibrantly colored hairs are easy to twist and rearrange, giving up tons of styling options. You can change your color every day without to damage your hair with chemicals and long procedures for painting.

Bring out your colorful personality without committing to a change of color with braids so real no one will tell. A vivid set of options is ready to help create your own gorgeous style!

New day, new Style - Enjoy It! 


Why this Hair extension is for you

  • Blends like a charm- Made from the finest fibers, MissRola looks and feels identical to your hair, making it the perfect covert styling solution!
  • Save Money - skip paying for expensive hair dyes and spending hours of work and always crossing fingers how it look like at the end. Pick up what you like as you see it.
  • Made for braiding- Each lock twists and bends easily giving you endless braiding opportunities to unleash your colorful personality and mood!
  • Create your rainbow- With locks in vibrant colors, you can create gorgeous color combos to go out looking unique every day!
  • The ultimate choice- Upgrade your natural look with the realest, most lustrous locks out there! With some imagination, you can create a look worthy of a magazine cover.
  • Enjoy the moment - a great experience and a lot of positive emotions and funny pictures for your and/or your kids








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