Zashock Gold Chain Pet Safety Collar

Zashock Gold Chain Pet Safety Collar

Zashock Gold Chain Pet Safety Collar

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Your dog will look like a boss with this chain

Zashock is the toughest metal chain you can find. Plated with gold it looks stylish and cool on any breed. Finally, a dog accessory to match your own.

Whether it's a family photo, walk to the park, or grooming day, your dog will be stealing the show wherever they go.  Even for looking fabulous around the house. Take the most memorable photos with your pooch and you’ll be going viral wherever you post it! 

The stainless steel metal is super strong, it holds big breeds easily. Zashock is smooth and comfy to fit your dog without irritating its skin.

Make your little partner stand out in the coolest way possible. The toughest dog chain just became a lot more stylish to wear.
What makes Chishock so good

  • Match your style- Your dog can now look as cool as you. The gold plated metal will stand you out with class.
  • Ultra-tough material- The stainless steel metal can’t be scratched or shewed through. Chishock easily holds big breeds.
  • Light and comfy on the neck- Chishock’s smooth hypoallergenic design doesn’t irritate the skin. It sits comfy even on smaller breeds.
  • Great for Gifts - Each dog collar is carefully packed for safekeeping or giving as a gift!
  • Why Zashock is for you- If you want to pamper your dog with the coolest chain there is then chose Chishock.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Collar length should be 1inch+ longer than the widest part of your dog's head.
The collar length does not include the end-rings (chain length only)


Size: 15mm width

12inch (30.5cm),recommend for neck girth 10inch (25.4cm);

14inch (35.5cm),recommend for neck girth 12inch (30.5cm);

16inch (40.6cm),recommend for neck girth 14inch (35.5cm);

18inch (45.7cm),recommend for neck girth 16inch (40.6cm);

20inch (50.8cm),recommend for neck girth 18inch (45.7cm);

22inch (55.9cm),recommend for neck girth 20inch (50.8cm);

24inch (60.9cm),recommend for neck girth 22inch (55.9cm);

26inch (66cm),recommend for neck girth 24inch (60.9cm); 

28inch (71cm),recommend for neck girth 26inch (66cm); 

30inch (76.2cm),recommend for neck girth 28inch (71cm);

32inch (81.3cm),recommend for neck girth 30inch (76.2cm);


How to use it ?


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