Warm & Sexy Knitted Long Socks

Warm & Sexy Knitted Long Socks

Warm & Sexy Knitted Long Socks

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The best socks for a warm winter

We know you love wearing thick socks in the winter. But why stop feeling warm at the calf when you can get all the way up to the knee with Warm & Sexy Socks, the knee-high winter’s wear!

We’ve taken notes on how the French women dress and that’s how we chose Warm & Sexy Socks look. They are not only elegant but are hand knitted with thick wool for maximum warmth!

Put them on and you won’t even have to put on pants in the winter. Warm & Sexy Socks are a wonderful pair every woman should keep in her drawer. The time is perfect to put on your own pair!


Why these Socks are for you

  • Knee-high warmth- Why settle for the calf when you can feel warm and comfy all the way up to the knee. There is nothing better than hand-knitted high socks!
  • French elegance- Inspired by the retro look of the streets of Paris, Warm & Sexy Socks  are a simple but elegant look you can style in the cold seasons.
  • Cozy home wear- You can now go about your home feeling elegant and cozy! Warm & Sexy Socks are flexible and wider than normal to give you maximum home comfort!
  • Warm & Sexy Socks are the ultimate choice- Soft, thick and stretching up to the knees, in Warm & Sexy Socks you’ll feel cute warm elegant when cozied up at home!
  • Best gift choice - This unique furry wool socks are stylish and warm, and will be ideal for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Christmas stockings, Valentine's Day gifts or birthday gifts.

















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