Invisible Magic Pen

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      • If you made a mistake - no problem, that's why this pen is made, just delete it. Or.... make it funny - make a mistake on purpose and when things escalate... show the trick and ERASE the problem!

      • Send Your Secret Message: Your secret message will soon disappear with this magical invisible ink pen if you put it under high temperature. When you need to send your own message that doesn't wanna share with others, our magic marker pen will give you a favor.

    • Great Gift for Kids: Assorted colors to make the activity more exciting and fun. Parents can buy it for their kid’s parties at home. At schools, teachers can buy it for students for a school activity. Add it for any surprise reward.

    • Fun & Entertaining- For anyone and just kids. Makes for a great activity that the whole family could do that doesn't cost a lot of money and is super fun and entertaining for everybody.

    • Completely Safe- To use amongst all ages without being in harm's way. Allowing the kids to draw in peace without any worries as long as you supervising them.



    Erasable Pen is a special refill, which is different from an ordinary refill. If the refills of Erasable Pen experiences high temperatures (this may be during --transport). -the color of pen refills will change (will become milky white), and even lead to refills can not be written. -If you encounter such a situation, you can freeze the pen refills in the freezer compartment. -After 12 hours, the color of pen refills will return to normal. Remove the refills from the refrigerator; -you need to wait 1-2 hours, the refills can be used normally.

    Type: Ballpoint Pen
    Material: Plastic
    Erasable Or Not: Yes
    Novelty: Yes
    Writing Point: 0.5mm
    Use: Office & School Pen



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